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Web Site Features
Real-time, secure credit card processing
  Integrated UPS® ,FedEx®, and DHL
  Shopping Cart and web pages for corporate info and search engine
  Link to products currently on sale.
  SSL enabled throughout the order process
  Encrypted payment information.
  Hide products from catalog when inventory reaches zero or the product reorder threshold.
  Display quantity available or "in-stock" to shopper.
  Customer profiles saved for quicker, friendlier check-out.
  Automated e-mail look up of lost passwords.
  Customer order history accessible to both the merchant and customer.
  Live Chat


Admin Features
  Electronic product fulfillment Sophisticated inventory management
  Recurring billing charge customers automatically
at set intervals such as monthly
  Offer wholesale pricing
  Shipping and credit confirmation via e-mail
  Customizable invoice notes based on method of payment
  Access orders by invoice number, tracking number or customer.
  View and manage pending orders by status (missing billing info, awaiting authorization, ready for shipping, etc).
  Automatically e-mail order notification to store manager.
  Edit shipping tracking number and shipping date on invoices that have been shipped.
  Edit compete order. (adding more products, giving discount, removing shipping cost)
  Easy access to product update tools directly on the product list screen.
  Set the featured product in your storefront with a simple check box.
  Associate products with multiple categories or sub-categories.
  Associate unlimited number of keywords with your products.
  Remove products you are no longer selling from your store\'s product count while keeping the information needed for invoices and reports.
  Online low inventory and backordered products reports.
  Customer order history accessible to both the merchant and customer.
  Assign customers to different "buyer groups"
  All reports available (such as profit, adv. spending, etc), or choose your own.
We also build a report just for your needs.
  View your top selling products by total sales
  View the percentage of visitors who place orders.
  View your total sales, order, profit, commisions etc.
  Learn what visitors are searching for and if their search was successful.
  View your sales tax liability.
  View your total costs and profit margin.
  View the total cost of your current inventory.
  Unlimited Email accounts for your domain name

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